League tinder. Coordinate agendas, rosters, features, buses and authorities for all of your programming.


Our personal tech will help you earn an aggressive advantage with winning effects.

LeagueMinder try a “life saver” i need anyone discover exactly how beneficial this management regimen is to my position as Athletic movie director of West Chester Henderson. You will find worked with a lot of different scheduling tools over our 15 seasons career but should say that Leagueminder, which is a web based plan, has got the ideal client service I have seen in the market, it saves me valued time, it is easy to navigate and it also reduces the number of telephone calls that many of us get from your area. Simply, LeagueMinder is a good I have tried personally.

In addition wants to note, given that the scheduler for any fourteen schools Ches-Mont League, Leagueminder enjoys permitted me to quickly write all of our league routine for all nineteen sporting events without any “heartache”. One of the recommended functions that I like about Leagueminder is the fact that when we produce the league agenda, I am able to launch all other category video game titles on the internet and they be visible on all of our group people activities. Our user education don’t have to input any league activities in their plans.

-Ken McCormick, Fit Director, West Chester Henderson, West Chester PA

LeagueMinder provides sports directors in New Hampshire with an item to suit their requirements. The merchandise is not a worry to use with close computer assistance and education as needed. I suggest it.

-Howard Sobolov CAA, President NHADA

„I would personally declare version RE section now is easier for mothers and fathers and pupil to work with – all they need to complete, is found on one page! The mentors like it simply because they either print out the state or preserve it within their mobile phones. This has been a time-saver for everybody!

Maria Neilson

Sports Division Assistant

Escondido Twelfth Grade, CA

All of our group looked for many months for an item which would help with limitless scheduling needs. The LeagueMinder employees was actually so keen to indicate north america their product, and is it is not surprising in which this thrills originated in! The computer is precisely what our personal complete league demanded. The automatic email check ability of LeagueMinder done away with cellphone draw in your summit adequate several thousand occasions yearly, it is a major achievement! Here is muzmatch profile the most comprehensive and user-friendly process I’ve ever read. The user friendliness, capability to interact successfully with folks associated with competitions, great customer and wide array of services permits us to work as a group better. After working for the LeagueMinder staff for a brief time period of one’s time, all of us immediately discovered why LeagueMinder is so very profitable – they’ve a terrific item and additionally they give your very best making it best of all!

-Dung Nguyen, AD plus it advisor, Dade County FL, 86 facilities

As longtime buyers, we’ve been extremely pleased a year ago because of the renewed dedication DigitalSports has shown to Baltimore urban area universities. The LeagueMinder item will continue to rescue our adverts valuable time and cash holding activities, rosters, amenities causing all of then the other campaigns which go into trying to keep our very own athletic division good and the mentors, players, father and mother and supporters happier.

-Bob Sort, Supervisor of Athletics, Baltimore Town Classes

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